New Features in This Release

  • PrivX now manages license subscriptions online.
    • New licenses are automatically installed to your PrivX deployment after you update your subscription.
    • Note that Internet connectivity is required to activate/update trials and commercial subscriptions.
  • Analytics on the environment where PrivX is installed is collected to understand the usage pattern and improve our product. The data sent is anonymous.
    • Data includes operating system, CPU, memory, device name, geographic location, version of PrivX.
    • You may opt out from sending analytics at any time.
    • Note that Internet connectivity is required for sending analytics.
  • Utility script automatically generates troubleshooting data of your PrivX deployment.
    • Eases troubleshooting: run this script and attach the archive to your support tickets.
    • Gathers system configuration into a tar archive

See complete release notes for PrivX 2.1.