Important Notice

This release addresses a security issue within the product. Please upgrade to 2.4.1 ASAP to receive the security hotfix.

Important Notice

The PrivX RPM package has been renamed in 2.3. If you are upgrading from 2.2 or earlier, you must first uninstall the previous PrivX RPM with:

# yum erase PrivX-OAM-*.rpm

After this you can install the latest version according to the installation instructions in the Administrator Manual.

Important Notice

Backups can be restored only on the same version of PrivX as the one from which the backups were taken. Please see Backing Up and Restoring PrivX Servers for detailed instructions.

New Features in This Release

  • Mechanism for viewing past and present connections, and for terminating ongoing connections.
  • Directory users in PrivX can now be configured to authenticate using OpenID Connect.
  • GPG-signed PrivX RPM directory providing the latest PrivX packages for installations and upgrades.

See complete release notes for PrivX 2.4.1.