Please follow these instructions to set up offline licensing:

  1. Access the PrivX GUI and navigate to the Settings → License page. Switch the page to offline-license mode by clicking Enter offline license toward the bottom of the page.
    Enter offline license

  2. Enter your license code under the License code section, then click Get License Activation Certificate. The license-activation certificate will be displayed under the Offline license section. Note the Offline License Activation Certificate. This is later required for obtaining the actual license.
    Get License Activation Certificate

  3. On any machine with Internet access, navigate to the license-activation portal. Under Activation Certificate, input the Offline License Activation Certificate obtained earlier. Click Activate to obtain your License.
    Offline License Activation Certificate

  4. Back on the Settings → License page, enter the previously-obtained License, then click Update License. PrivX features are enabled according to your license.
    Update License

In offline-licensing mode, new licenses must be manually installed to PrivX. Otherwise licensed features will cease to function after the license (and its grace period) expires.