New features

  • Session recording and playback. Read more about it from the Administrator Manual.
    • Privx can record SSH and RDP sessions. Administrators can later replay these recordings for auditing purposes.
    • Trails are encrypted by PrivX.
    • Encrypted trail data should be saved on an external NFS share configured by PrivX Administrators.
  • View global audit events from Monitor→Events.
  • Enable Single Sign On to PrivX using your preferred OpenID Connect provider such as Okta, AWS Cognito and UbiSecure.
  • Connect to target hosts in your virtual private cloud (VPC) using PrivX Extender component, available as a separate download. For detailed instructions, please check the Administrator Manual.
    • Note: PrivX Extender support for HA deployments will be added in future releases.
  • As an administrator, grant or revoke users' role memberships immediately without approval workflows.