Important notes for this release

For fresh installations of PrivX version 15 and later, the default audit-event and trail-retention time has been changed to 180 days (used to be unlimited).

Upgrading to this version from 12.x may take longer due to the new microservices and migrations introduced in this release. Depending on the size of your deployment, the postinstall step may take up to tens of minutes longer than usual.

New features

  • [PX-1238] - Feature to sort/search hosts by status (running, stopped..)

  • [PX-2693] - Roles for API clients

  • [PX-2729] - Restrict role requests with a role permission

  • [PX-2730] - License-manager statistics collector (disabled by default)

  • [PX-2986] - Inform user that sessions will/might be recorded

  • [PX-3005] - Option for showing disclaimer messages for PrivX users at login

  • [PX-3085] - Saved searches UI

  • [PX-3120] - Better indication for when you try to add an invalid role

  • [PX-3122] - Improve tolerance to broken role rule trees

  • [PX-3125] - Less intrusive style for find box in terminal

  • [PX-3128] - RDP clipboard style refinements

  • [PX-3129] - Support shift-enter to search backwards in terminal

  • [PX-3134] - Implicit pick on blur

  • [PX-3136] - Auto complete tag with 0 chars

  • [PX-3139] - More robust UI if service options are missing for a service

  • [PX-3142] - Filter roles only if they don't have a principal key - not based on name

  • [PX-3156] - Don't use tag auto complete if user doesn't have permissions