Important notes for this release

Version 16 introduces a fix for Extenders in HA deployments where the load-balancer IP address is dynamic. If you run such an environment you will need to update your Extenders' configurations and certificates. To do this, perform the following after regular upgrade steps:

  1. Set privx_public_ip_address = ” ” in /opt/privx/etc/shared-config.toml and restart PrivX
  2. Unregister your Extenders.
  3. Re-obtain certificates by running the following on your Extenders:
    # opt/privx/scripts/ --request-cert
  4. Re-download Extender configurations to your Extenders.
  5. Apply changes by restarting Extender services:
    # systemctl restart privx-extender

If you are performing a fresh install while having a license from prior to this release, you will need to request a new license from

New features

  • [PX-273] - Ephemeral private key rotation for SSH
  • [PX-1697] - Allow using AWS role ARN to scan hosts on other AWS accounts
  • [PX-2027] - Support principal key import for roles
  • [PX-2714] - Connection duration to connection-closed event
  • [PX-2722] - Authentication to PrivX via SSH Bastion using public key
  • [PX-2731] - Allow access to connections using access roles
  • [PX-3182] - Allow defining web host specific domain restrictions for web access
  • [PX-3194] - Add advanced search helper description to search fields.
  • [PX-3224] - Disclaimer improvements